Next gig with The Mechanisms – 23rd July

Our old friends The Mechanisms are back with a new immersive story and we will be supporting them on their journey at the Good Ship in Kilburn on Saturday 23rd July.

Tickets can be purchased in advance here, and the Facebook event page is here. Tickets are selling fast, so we’d advise you buy in advance, as there may not be any left for the door.

Anyone with any connections to Loose Ends, and would like to come to the gig, should get in contact with us through our Facebook page. If you don’t know why on earth we’re talking about Loose Ends – read this

Emma Butterworth c. Daniel Youds

photo by Daniel Youds


The Road to Loose Ends

Things have been pretty quiet in Pocketwatch land for a while, what with a number of things (including Will’s ulnar nerve operation). The operation went well, and we’ve begun to plan our comeback…

So, what’s the grand plan, I hear you ask? Glastonbury? The Brixton Academy? A 30 date stadium tour?


We have simple desires and modest wants.

We want to play on Loose Ends. We want to joke awkwardly with Clive Anderson.

We want the other guests to half-heartedly cricket clap us after we’ve played a song no one quite gets.

We want it bad.

And so it begins – the Road to Loose Ends. Join us on what should prove to be a thrilling, eventful journey from obscurity to slightly less obscurity.

Suggestions welcome.

Pocketwatch by Daniel Youds



Instrumental Sneak Peek…

Things have been a little quiet at Pockewatch HQ recently, but rest assured we are working and plotting… Here’s a little sneak peak of some recording we’ve been doing:

Instrumental is an old favourite of ours that we don’t tend to play that often in shows. We’re excited that it (and others) are going to get more of an airing in the future…

Pocketwatch cover TOTO’s ‘Africa’

We thought we’d immortalise our cover of TOTO’s indescribably wonderful song, Africa, in film.

Here it is, folks!

Our sincere thanks go to Martin Cutbill, film-maker and editor extraordinaire.

It’s here at last!

We are super-excited to announce that our recording- Watching The Light Die Away- is now available to purchase online!  Thank you to our very enthusiastic followers for the gentle nudges to get this finished.

Watching the Light Die Away

There are six newly-recorded songs on the album, and a re-mastered version of Boiler Heart.  A quick synopsis of each track follows (which makes it clear that we don’t necessarily specialise in songs of a happy nature):
Boiler Heart
A mechanical human with great abilities is created, but breaks down when it turns out that artificial hearts cannot deal with emotion. Epic fail.

Ain’t So Bad
A little girl journeys into the sewers and is sentenced to death by a court of rats.

Coming Home
A woman is murdered by her fiance and she returns to wreak poetic but deadly revenge.

Eloisa Brown
A bereaved woman unwisely makes a creepy doll that comes alive, creepily, after somehow becoming imbued with the spirit of her dead child.

Bonny and Bright
A woman with a dubious past meets and falls in love with a damaged young man, and he is murdered by the woman’s pursuers.

Time Flees
All things pass, dreams are forgotten, experience the moment, talk over each other.


Please see our ‘music’ page to purchase, and hope to see you all soon!


London gig and super secret projects

After a busy summer, we’re excited about a lot of things that are coming up…

For Southerners, our next London gig is on the 19th September in Notting Hill. See our gigs page for more details. It looks like it’ll be a fun night, and we’ll be premiering several new songs and bringing with us something we’ve been promising for a long time. This will not be available online for a while, so come along to grab your chance to be the proud owner of something that will make you the envy of all your friends.

I’ll write more about that in a little while, but suffice to say we’ve worked hard and can’t wait to show you all 🙂

Tickets for the Notting Hill event can be purchased here and they’re a very reasonable £4 in advance and £10 on the door.

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek

Free gig at Watney Market Idea Store – 7th June

Evening gigs too late for you? Wish you could hear us live and unplugged? Love libraries? Well, have I got a gig for you…

Pocketwatch will be playing an hour’s set at Watney Market Idea Store at 3pm on Saturday 7th June 2014. We are supporting the Make A Noise in Libraries fortnight aimed at improving access to books and information for blind and partially sighted people.

Entry is free and all ages are welcome!

Pocketwatch at Steampunk at the Seaside

We are pleased to announce that Pocketwatch will be headlining on the Friday night of the VSS’s ‘Steampunk at the Seaside’. There will be a whole weekend of music, markets, fun and games at Park Resorts, Camber Sands from March 28th – 31st 2014. See the official website for more details…

Pocketwatch gig – 25th October @ The George Tavern

Yes, folks, you read right – we’re pleased to announce our next gig will be on Friday 25th October at The George Tavern in east London! It’s been a while since we played to you London folks, and we’ve missed you. We’re really looking forward to this one as we’ll have a nice long set to bring you the best of the old stuff and some great new songs we’ve been working on…

Opening for us are our good friends Nick Cass and the Beggars (I’m going to have a busy night, cello-ing in both groups) who will be performing Elvis Costello’s ‘The Juliet Letters’. Costello collaborated with The Brodsky Quartet to produce a conceptual song cycle for string quartet and voice – check out one of the songs further down. See you next month!

Tickets £5 in advance, £6 on the door.

The George Tavern is a renowned music venue in the East End of London, mentioned in the writings of Charles Dickens and Samuel Pepys. Dress to impress in this most charming of spaces – what better place to show of your best Steampunk gear?

373 Commercial Road, E1 0LA


Oxford gig with The Mechanisms

copyright Curious Magpie Photography

When The Mechanisms invited us to share a gig with them in Oxford we jumped at the chance. They’re a dissolute bunch of rascals, but we figured we could trust them.

The day arrived and it was, as I might have predicted, rather damp and dull (I have never visited Oxford without rain, so I see no reason to believe that the sun ever actually emerges in what friends call ‘the other place’). Nevertheless, our spirits were high and after a restorative herbal tea in Georgina’s Cafe (clearly the place to go for students and their visiting parents) we were ready to sound check.

The Cellar is, as its name rather suggests, is a small underground venue, not unlike a number of places we’ve played before in London. It does, however, have a very good sound system and a brilliant sound man, Jimmy. Jimmy only confirmed for us what we’ve come to realise over the past couple of years: cello, banjo, guitar +3 vocals is not, in itself, an impossible sound combination. In his capable hands, we had a swift and painless check and departed for burritos post haste.

The Mechanisms have a wild and enthusiastic following, and they were kind enough to lend us their ears that night. It’s wonderful to have attentive audiences and it was a real joy to play to everyone. Will’s list of pre-gig  self-inflicted injuries grows ever longer, and he was forced to spend most of this gig perched on a bar stool to save his shoulder, but his banjo work was luckily unaffected (any more of these, though, and I may begin to wonder at these so called ‘accidents’…). After signing off with the Decemberists  we melted into the audience to watch The Mechanisms’ new show, Ulysses Dies at Dawn, an impressive mix of song and storytelling. They’ve already raised a significant amount on their indiegogo page to help fund recording the project, and I’m looking forward to hearing the results.

We headed off into the rain just in time to catch the last train home to London, which was filled with the usual mix of Steampunks, drunks and the odd overly friendly man. It was a good night.