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Cellist and songwriter.

Next London Gig – Sunday 29th July

So, we’re finally playing in London again… We’ve a bucket load of new songs since our last outing in the capital and look forward to sharing them with you! Many thanks to Beatnik Events for organising the evening – we’re on at 9pm and entry is free. Venue: The Macbeth 70 Hoxton Street London N1 […]

Great Songs Part II – The Witch’s Promise by Jethro Tull

Click on READ MORE at the end of this post before playing the track, or else it’ll stop when you click to read more. Ok, so I lied at the end of my last post – this isn’t Toto’s Africa. I’ve had no internet access for the past few days and since I didn’t have […]

How Will fixed a broken cello

When we first started to get into gigging, I decided that I’d get myself another cello. The cello I refer to as my ‘real’ cello is a mid 19th century English cello.¬†I’ve had it since I was 16, and it’s a beautiful instrument with a big sound. I was, understandably, rather nervous of taking it […]

Dynamo Eindhoven gig

We had a great time at Eindhoven! Thanks to Bjorn from Primula Productions and everyone at Dynamo for a fun night. We had a good time backstage chatting with La Lune Noire, who were on before us – two very nice guys. It just shows that it is possible to drive from Brighton to Eindhoven […]

Pocketwatch at Dynamo Eindhoven

Pocketwatch are excited to announce our first non-UK performance at Dynamo in Eindhoven on Saturday 25th February. We’re looking forward to playing to a whole new audience (though any familiar faces who make it too will be welcomed with open arms). We also can’t wait to premiere some of our new songs, though Brighton will […]

Pocketwatch returns to Waltz on the Wye

We’re pleased to announce that Pocketwatch are returning to Waltz on the Wye (the scene of much merriment and camping adventures) to headline the Saturday night Ball! See our gig diary for more details. It’s a great ¬†festival and we had a blast last year. We played our gig from a beautiful old bandstand, which […]

Great Songs Part I – Black Velvet by The Lilac Time

The Lilac Time – Black Velvet on MUZU.TV Click on READ MORE at the end of this post before playing the track, or else it’ll stop when you click to read more. Try and ignore the awful advert before the song… Unfortunately youtube doesn’t have this track. I first heard this song about a year […]

Faith and Meaning mp3

Happy Christmas everyone! Here’s a little present from us – a demo recording of Faith and Meaning.   [Audio clip: view full post to listen]   You can right-click and download it here: Faith & Meaning by Pocketwatch.   This was recorded using a Zoom H2 on location in Nadia’s living room. Lyrics can be […]

Pocketwatch update

Welcome to the new website! Since you’re here, I’m assuming you’re at least a little interested in our doings, so here’s a quick update. We had a great time playing at Asylum in September, and are looking forward to going back next year. They recorded the gig and are working on the mixing, so soon […]