It’s here at last!

We are super-excited to announce that our recording- Watching The Light Die Away- is now available to purchase online!  Thank you to our very enthusiastic followers for the gentle nudges to get this finished.

Watching the Light Die Away

There are six newly-recorded songs on the album, and a re-mastered version of Boiler Heart.  A quick synopsis of each track follows (which makes it clear that we don’t necessarily specialise in songs of a happy nature):
Boiler Heart
A mechanical human with great abilities is created, but breaks down when it turns out that artificial hearts cannot deal with emotion. Epic fail.

Ain’t So Bad
A little girl journeys into the sewers and is sentenced to death by a court of rats.

Coming Home
A woman is murdered by her fiance and she returns to wreak poetic but deadly revenge.

Eloisa Brown
A bereaved woman unwisely makes a creepy doll that comes alive, creepily, after somehow becoming imbued with the spirit of her dead child.

Bonny and Bright
A woman with a dubious past meets and falls in love with a damaged young man, and he is murdered by the woman’s pursuers.

Time Flees
All things pass, dreams are forgotten, experience the moment, talk over each other.


Please see our ‘music’ page to purchase, and hope to see you all soon!


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  1. Steve

    Just arrived all the way to the U.S. Thoroughly enjoyed it!!!!

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