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Pocketwatch at Dynamo Eindhoven

Pocketwatch are excited to announce our first non-UK performance at Dynamo in Eindhoven on Saturday 25th February. We’re looking forward to playing to a whole new audience (though any familiar faces who make it too will be welcomed with open arms). We also can’t wait to premiere some of our new songs, though Brighton will get a sneak peek of some this Saturday

For more Eindhoven details, see our gigs page.

Don't mess with banjo players.


Pocketwatch returns to Waltz on the Wye

We’re pleased to announce that Pocketwatch are returning to Waltz on the Wye (the scene of much merriment and camping adventures) to headline the Saturday night Ball! See our gig diary for more details.

It’s a great  festival and we had a blast last year. We played our gig from a beautiful old bandstand, which was fun (though a little cold). It’ll be nice to be a little warmer this year, but there was something rather special about that bandstand 🙂

New Gig – Brighton Jan 28th

New Gig announcement!

Steampunk Playing Cards

These is really nicely done…

Great Songs Part I – Black Velvet by The Lilac Time

The Lilac Time – Black Velvet on MUZU.TV

Click on READ MORE at the end of this post before playing the track, or else it’ll stop when you click to read more. Try and ignore the awful advert before the song… Unfortunately youtube doesn’t have this track.

I first heard this song about a year ago, though it was released in 1987. I was doing other things at home, and the album was playing on Spotify (my boyfriend had found the band and put them on in a fit of nostalgia for his younger days). I’d never heard of them and was only half listening when this song came on.

I was completely drawn in – it was one of those times where you just have to stop and listen. I couldn’t hear all the lyrics properly, so at first I thought it was about a horse called Black Velvet (I think I was thinking of Red Rum…). Although I’m still not entirely sure what it is about, I think I can be reasonably certain now that it’s definitely not a horse.

Why do I love it so much? I’m a music geek, and I always want to analyse why a song is great – and this one’s got a lot to consider. This post should be the first in a series of sporadic writings about my favorite pop and rock songs, and what exactly I think makes them amazing.

I will be talking mainly about the Black Velvet remix version that can be found on Compendium – The Fontana Trinity (2001). I haven’t been able to find out when this remix was done (it’s on as an extra on the 1987 album, The Lilac Time on Spotify, but I’m not sure if it was originally there) but it’s the version I really got to know. The original is a beautifully simple recording with less bass and fewer backing vocals, but I love the epic quality of the remix.

So, to begin…

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Faith and Meaning mp3

Happy Christmas everyone! Here’s a little present from us – a demo recording of Faith and Meaning.


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You can right-click and download it here: Faith & Meaning by Pocketwatch.


This was recorded using a Zoom H2 on location in Nadia’s living room. Lyrics can be found here.

We  hope you all have a happy and healthy Christmas and a New Year full of possibilities.


Pocketwatch update

Welcome to the new website! Since you’re here, I’m assuming you’re at least a little interested in our doings, so here’s a quick update.

We had a great time playing at Asylum in September, and are looking forward to going back next year. They recorded the gig and are working on the mixing, so soon we hope to have a few more snippets of music to show you lot here.

We’re in quite a few discussions for some exciting gigs next year — we will announce them here as soon as they’re confirmed.

Early next year we’re hoping to start recording an album! Keep your eyes open for updates…

Just Glue Some Gears On It…

…and Call it Steampunk

Not one of ours, but we really liked it (and agree 100%!)