The Road to Loose Ends

Things have been pretty quiet in Pocketwatch land for a while, what with a number of things (including Will’s ulnar nerve operation). The operation went well, and we’ve begun to plan our comeback…

So, what’s the grand plan, I hear you ask? Glastonbury? The Brixton Academy? A 30 date stadium tour?


We have simple desires and modest wants.

We want to play on Loose Ends. We want to joke awkwardly with Clive Anderson.

We want the other guests to half-heartedly cricket clap us after we’ve played a song no one quite gets.

We want it bad.

And so it begins – the Road to Loose Ends. Join us on what should prove to be a thrilling, eventful journey from obscurity to slightly less obscurity.

Suggestions welcome.

Pocketwatch by Daniel Youds



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